"/> This is the blog of Zhyrna Inna Mykolaivna. The target of the blog is to help my pupils and their parents with learning English. Мета блогу допомогти учням та їх батькам вивчати англійську мову. А також поділитися своїми наробками.

неділя, 28 серпня 2016 р.



вівторок, 23 серпня 2016 р.

Olya has a pencil,
Olya has a pen,
She draws with a pencil,
She writes with a pen.
Where's my little hare?
Look! Under the chair.
Where's my little fox?
Look! In the box.
The bear is white.
The bird is blue.
The dog is black.
The puppy is, too.
Mind the clock
And keep the rule:
Always come in time to school
Under the Sky
Here I lie
Under the sky
Green trees above me.
Nature and I.