"/> This is the blog of Zhyrna Inna Mykolaivna. The target of the blog is to help my pupils and their parents with learning English. Мета блогу допомогти учням та їх батькам вивчати англійську мову. А також поділитися своїми наробками.

Year 2

Ігри до підручника Quick Minds 2

                New Year                                           
 A happy New Year!                                       
The day is so clear,                                       
The snow is so white,                                    
The sky is so bright,                                       
We shout with all our might:                         
“A happy New Year!”                                  

 Funny Valentines

Boys are silly.                                                             Mama loves coffee.
Girls are smart.                                                           Papa loves tea.
I love you                                                                    I love my teacher,
With all my heart.                                                       And my teacher loves me!    

Boys are noisy.                                                           You could never quess
Girls are, too.                                                              How much happiness
You like me,                                                               You ve brought my way
And I like you.                                                            Happy Valentine s Day!
Вірші до 8 Березня!
     Mother’s Day                                 
Today is Mother's Day.                        
Let's help Mama.                                   
I'll make breakfast.                               
You make lunch.                                   
 I'll do the dishes.                                                         
You do the shopping                               
Let's help Mama.                                       
It's Mother's Day                                                 
Today is Mother's Day
 I like the way you look,
 I like the way you cook,
 Now I want to say:
 «Happy Mother’s Day!

April poem
April is a rainbow month,                             
Of sudden springtime showers.
Bright with golden daffodils
and lots of pretty flowers

Spring is Here

 Spring is here,
 In the air,
 You can smell it coming
 On the trees,
 Leaves are green,
 Caterpillars sunning.
                      Birds are back,
                      Grass is out,
                      Busy bees are humming,
                      On the trees,
                      Leaves are green,
                      Caterpillars sunning

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