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Завдання олімпіади з англійської мови
2016-2017 н.р.
1. Доповни речення, вставляючи прийменники (at, to, with, in).     (7 балів)
My mum gets up _________ 7 o’clock and cooks breakfast. She usually makes sandwiches ________ cheese and butter. Mum goes _______ work ________ 8 o’clock ______ the morning. She always comes home ______ 7 o’clock ______ the evening.
2. З’єднай слово з поясненням  його значення.                                   (7 балів)
                               a) trip                                means to clean with water
b)skip                                make
           c) wind                              a large boat
                        d)swim                              move through water
                       e)build                               to jump into the air
           f)ship                                 moving air
                              g)wash                               means travel for a visit

3. Прочитай лист і виконай завдання.                                               (11 балів)
Dear Polina,
I am in Lviv. I came here four days ago and now I'm with Dmytro's family. At first the weather was terrible and we didn't go for a walk. The weekend was great, it was warm and there was no rain. Dmytro showed me Lviv. It is a fantastic city! We saw wonderful places — old parks, churches, galleries and museums. In the museum I learnt a lot about the history of Lviv, it was really exciting. We heard interesting stories about famous people, and I took some photos. It was half past four when we came back home. Yesterday was Sunday, the twenty-ninth of March. Dmytro's mum and I did some shopping in the city centre. There were lots of people at the department store. I bought some souvenirs for my friends and a teddy bear for my little brother. Dmytro gave me a present for my book collection — "Treasure Island" by Stevenson. It is an old book — R. L. Stevenson wrote it in 1883. I made new friends here, that's why I enjoyed my holidays.

а) Познач правильні речення позначкою (V).
1.  The girl went to a big city.
     The girl did go to a big city. 
2.  They visits the city centre last month.
     They visited the city centre last month.
3.  At first Katia did not liked the weather.
     At first Katia did not like the weather.
б) Добери пропущене слово.
4. On Saturday and Sunday the weather was ___________.
a) Bad;      b) better;       c) worse.
5. At the weekend the children visited a _________.
a)  Cinema;    b) theatre;      c) museum.
6. Katia had a _________.
a)  Walkman;     b) camera;    c) CD.
7. They came back home at _________.
a)    3:30;    b) 4:15;     c) 4:30.
8. There were lots of people in the city centre on the 29th of March because it was ____________.
a)   Sunday;     b) a holiday;   c) a party.
9.  The girl bought a _______________ for her brother.
a)   New toy;    b) book;    c) photo.
10.  Katia is a ... collector.
a)   Stamp;    b) book;     c) toy.
в) Дай відповідь на запитання.
11. Why did Katia enjoy her holidays in Lviv?
4.Заповни таблицю, розподіли слова у відповідні колонки.             (30 балів)
butcher's, oranges, tram, theatre, bananas, potatoes, greengrocer, cus­tomer, underground station, bakery, sausages, shop assistant, bread, mu­seum, taxi, clothes, shop keeper, pet shop, bus, post office, stadium, milk, supermarket, park, sweets, ice-cream, circus, school, trolleybus, baker
Things to buy
People in shops

5. Біл побував в Англії. Дуже хоче розповісти про все, що бачив, але забув як порівнювати слова. Давай допоможемо. Утвори ступені порівняння прикметників.                                                                           (8 балів)

1) fast - ____________________ - the ______________________
2) wide - ____________________ - the _____________________
3) slow - ____________________ - the _____________________
4) wet - _____________________ - the _____________________
5) good ______________________ - the ____________________
6) wonderful - _______________ - the _____________________
7) interesting - _______________ - the ____________________
8) bad - _____________________ - the _____________________

6. Допоможи Білу закінчити діалог. Використовуй тільки такі слова – was, were, wasnt, werent.                                                                      (6 балів)
Mother: Where (1) _____________ you last night?
Mark: I (2) ____________________ at Ann’s house?
Mother: (3) ____________________ Oleh with you?
Mark: No, he (4) ____________. He and Pavlo (5) ____________ there. But Olha and Taras (6) __________________________.

7. Склади і запиши розповідь за власним вибором:
а) про одного з членів твоєї родини (маму, тата, братика, сестричку, бабусю, дідуся);
б) про свого кращого друга (подругу).                                                        (12 балів)

Олімпіада з англійської мови
2014-2015 н.р.
1.     Read the text carefully.
My School
I am Mr. Morgan. I’m thirty years old and I’m a History teacher at St. Paul’s   Secondary School. I live in Pretoria, in South Africa.
I have a very busy life. I usually get up at seven o’clock. I prepare my breakfast and after I go to school by bus. School starts at 8.30.
My school is very big and old. There are two floors. On the first floor there are ten classrooms, two Art rooms, two Music rooms, four toilets and the School office is on the right of the main door. On the second floor there are more ten classrooms and four toilets. The library is between the Headmaster’s Office and the Staffroom. The Coffee bar is next to the Computer room. There is also an Auditorium.
The Gymnasium is in the second building.
Classes finish at three o’clock and then I go back home. I have a cup of tea and prepare my lessons. Sometimes I play football with my friends before dinner. I always have dinner with my family at 8 o’clock. After I help with the dishes and watch TV. I always read before I go to bed.

2.     Answer the questions about the text.                         (по 1 балу)
1. Who is Mr. Morgan?
2.  How old is he?
3. Is he an English teacher?
4.  What time does he get up?
5.  How does he go to school?
6.  Does school start at eight o’clock?
7.  His school is big. How many floors are there?
8.  How many Art rooms are there?
9.  Are there three Music rooms?
10.  Is there an Auditorium?
11. Where is the Gymnasium?
12. Where is the Staffroom?

13.  Where is the Library?
14.  How often does he read before he goes to bed?
15.  How often does he have dinner at seven o’clock?

3.     Complete the questions with do or does.                   (по 1 балу)
1. What time ___________ Mr. Morgan get up?
2. What ___________ he have for breakfast?
3. ___________ Mr. Morgan go to school by bus?
4. Where ___________ Mr. Morgan have dinner?
5. What time ___________ classes finish?

4.      Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb (Present Simple).                                                                  (по 1 балу)

1She ___________ (get up) at 8 o’clock.
2. They always ___________ (go) to school on foot.
3. He ___________ (not drink) coke.
4. Peter ___________ (like) to play computer games.
5. Susan and Bill ___________ (study) after dinner.
6. Sue ___________ (do) her homework every day.
7. We ___________ (brush) our teeth after lunch.
8. Sara ___________ (not have) lunch at the canteen

5.     Complete Jamie’s email. Write the correct form of be.    (2 бали)

Dear Martin
We ____ getting ready for the wedding. I ____ listening to music. Alison is in her bedroom. She____ brushing her hair. Grandpa and Grandma are in the living room. They ____ talking. Mum is in the kitchen. She ____ making a cake. Dad is outside. He ____washing the car.

6.     What do you usually do after school? Write at least 5 sentences.     (5 балів)

Олімпіада   з англійської мови.  (4 клас )
Фонетика. Обведи  слово…
В якому є звук [I]
a) hi   b) time   c) give   d) like
2. звук [е]
a) speak   b) clever   c) eat   d) please
3. звук [ei]
    a) have   b) cat   c) snake   d) start
II.    Лексика. Додайте по одному слову у кожен рядок. Оберіть правильний варіант:
4. giraffe, kangaroo, lion, tiger,______
a) dog   b) elephant   c) cat
5. field, forest, road, river,______
a) hall b) ball c) hill
6. year, month, week, day,______
a) hour b)our c) warm
7. chair, sofa, table, desk,______
a) head, b) bed, c) bread
8. under, above, behind, between,______
a) near, b) love, c) hear 
III. Дієслово to be, to have (got). Обери правильний варіант відповіді.
9.This _____orange juice.
a) is b) has c) are
10. I _____tea with sugar.
a) has b)have c)is
11. _____you and your friend go bikes?
a) has b) have c) are
IV. Present, Past, Future Simple.Обери правильний варіант відповіді.
12. Yesterday the children _____football in the yard
a) played b) play  c) will play
13. I don’t _____milk in the evening
a) drink b) drank c) drinks
14. My brother _____to school everyday
a) go b) goes c) will go
15. Our family _____to London next year
a) will go b)went c) goes
16. Tomorrow she _____her grandmother
a) visit b) visits c) will visit
V. Прочитай текст. Виконай тест на розуміння прочитаного текста. Якщо твердження правильне, то поруч  з номером , став «T» (True), якщо ні, то «F» (False) 

            The Fox and the Grapes
One day the Fox goes for a walk. He comes to a wall and sees some sweet grapes there. The Fox wants to get and eat sweet grapes. But the sweet grapes are very high up on the wall. So the Fox jumps to get the grapes.
He jumps again and again, but he cannot get the grapes.
He is very angry and decides to stop. Then the Fox says, «The grapes are green and sour. They are very sour». And he goes away.
1) The Fox sees some pears in a tree
2) The Fox doesn’t want to eat the grapes.
3) The sweet grapes are high up on the wall.
4) The Fox jumps to get the grapes.
5) The Fox tries again and gets the grapes.
6) The Fox says that the grapes are green and sour.
Відповіді:  1) F 2) F 3)T 4)T 5)F 6)T


Шкільний тур олімпіади з  англійської мови у 4 класі (45хвилин)
Максимальна кількість – 30 балів.                                                                                 ________                
Завдання I рівня – 1 бал.              Завдання II рівня – 2 бали.         Завдання III рівня – 3 бали.
Прочитай текст и виконай завдання після нього.
     One day Mary and Bob went shopping. They wanted to buy some ice cream. Then they saw a little man selling balloons. “Mister, we want a balloon”, said Mary to the man. “Here is our money”. “What balloon do you want?”, said the balloon man. Mary and Bob wanted a bright green balloon. So they gave the man some money. The little man began to blow the balloon. He blew and blew. He blew up a big green cat. It was beautiful. Mary and Bob were happy to have a green cat balloon. Now they didn’t want any ice cream. 
      I.             Правильне (+) чи неправильне  (-)твердження.
___1.One day Mary and Bob went to the park.
___2.They saw a little man selling balloons.
___3.They gave the man a big apple.
___4.The balloon was beautiful.
   II.            Обери твердження, які  відповідають змісту текста.
1.Mary and Bob went shopping because:
   a) they wanted some oranges;    b) they wanted ice cream;   c) they liked shopping.
2.The children wanted:
   a) a red ball;   b) a green balloon;   c) a bright green balloon.
3.So they gave the man:
   a) some sweets;   b) some money;   c) some oranges.
4.They didn’t want any ice cream because:
   a) they had no money;   b) they were happy to have balloon;   c) it was cold.
III.            Пронумеруйте речення відповідно до змісту прочитанного текста.
___a) Mary and Bob wanted a bright green balloon.
___b) One day Mary and Bob went shopping.
___c) The little man began to blow the balloon.
___d) He blew up a big green cat.
___e) They saw a little man selling balloons.
      I.            Склади слова з поданих букв.
   a) onmyek – ___________________                   b) elcricood –  _______________________
   II.            Яке  слово зайве? Закресли його.
Ten, twelve, tea, fourteen.
Hockey, tennis, football, corn.
Cheese, bread, breakfast, meat.
Monday, Sunday, Wednesday, Tom.
III.            Напиши парами слова з протилежним  значенням.
   Good, country, white, short, cold, happy, town, tall, sunny, black, bad, hot, sad.
1.________________________                                        4.__________________________
2.________________________                                        5.__________________________
3.________________________                                        6.__________________________
                              I.            Вибери правильную форму дієслова.
She ___ her brother last week.
     a) sees;     b) saw;     c) see.
                           II.            Вибери правильный варіант.
1. I think the blue jeans are the _______.
     a) goodest;     b) best;       c) most best.
2. There is ___ juice in the glass.
     a) no;   b) any;   c) some.
                       III.            Склади  речення зі слів.
a)       Jill, not, play, did, games, computer.
b)      the, lays, the, table, morning, Ann, in.
c)      you, help, grandma, your, Will?
      I.             Доповни прислівя.
East or west ___________________________ .
a)       home is nice;   b) home is good;   c) home is best.
   II.            Склади речення з двох частин.
The 1st of January is …                                  … the first day of school.
The 25th of December is …                            … Christmas in England.
The 1st of September is …                              … Christmas inUkraine.
The 7th of January is …                                   … the New Year.
III.            Хто цей казковий герой?
   He is little. He is funny. He is pink. His best friends are Christopher Robin and Teddy bear.
a)       Kaa;            b) Brother Rabbit;              c) Piglet.
      I.            Вибери правильну відповідь на запитання.
1.Where are you from? ____
a) – I am ten.                         b) – I am from Ukraine.                          c) – It is fine.
2.May I have some bread? _____
a) – You are welcome.          b) – Yes, you may.                               c) – Here you are.
   II.            Розташуй фрази у порядку, щоб вийшов діалог.
___ It’s warm and sunny.
___ Would you like to go to the park and have a picnic?
___ What’s the weather like today?
___ Of course. I can fly my kite there.
III.            Доповни діалог.
- Hello!            -   _______________
- What is your name?         - _________________________

- Where are you from?       - __________________________

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